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The Best In Multicultural Fiction

Hey Reader!!

Want to take the quiz? Can you guess what sign is below? No cheating. You only get one guess. Let me know by using the Contact Us page. You can E-mail me from there. Just fill out the form and put your answer in the comments box. Be sure to advise in the comment box which quiz you are responding to. I'll get back to you to let you know if you guessed correctly.

See ya!


P.S. Check the website from time to time. I'll add clues to other signs when I get time. I'll eventually get to everyone.

Good luck with this one.


Male or female, I can run things, baby. I'm clumsy and I love to travel. We like a little gambling. I know how to make money. I'm independent. I'm extremely lucky. As an employee, I'm cheerful and willing to work. I do an excellent job for my employers. I don't mind starting at the bottom because I know I'm going up-or-I'm going away from that spot. I'm aggressive. I'm a very speedy person. I'm curious, very honest and a blunt person. I'm a very good salesman and a risk taker. As a woman of this sign, I ask a lot of questions, often embarrassing ones. I'm smart, I read, watch the news and stay up on everything. I'm restless and have to be on the go. That makes me a great conversationalist. Don't order me around, ask me. There's nothing evasive or timid about me. If you doubt my integrity, I will go into a rage. Let me breathe, I have a fear of being suffocated.

As a man of this sign, there is almost always a crowd around me. I'm very optimistic and I have blind faith. I recover quickly from crushing blows. I always have a lot of friends and well wishers. I'll have some enemies but they will be few. You need to learn that the words came out of my mouth wrong; I didn't mean it that way. I'm a flirt, but not looking for sex alone. I want a variety of mental stimulation. Being a man of this sign, I'm a big jokester. I insist on intelligent women. Keep your suitcase packed-you'll do a lot of traveling if you've got me. As a man of this sign, I like sports and I love animals. I'm attracted to danger in sports, hobbies and work. I have a good hearty appetite. I can't sit still. As a woman I am a vividly glamorous character and do not merely slip into situations, rather I explode onto the scene. I'm not one to live on love alone, I make a successful match with a man who will share the auspice of "power couple," drawn to dashing father figures who indulge in my trademarks of fairy tale expectations. As a man if this sign, I am a free wheeling extremist feeling nobody lives longer than me. As a man of this sign, I am physically drawn to perfect tens, and unlike most men I never shrink from making a play from such glamazons. My physique makes me a highly sought after heartthrob. I am not a sign of disorder, but rather a new order. I blaze my way through life, untamed by existing rules and limits. As a man I gaze where my father goes and do what my father did and I mature and find myself happily folded as an honorary member into whatever network of male comrades my father fostered. I'm more measured with my mother who I feel compelled to please and I take great care of her. I can be a poor choice of a husband because I am always on the hunt. I simply love the chase. When I'm not near the girl I love-I love the girl that is near. She's an adventure. I was honest and when I said "I love you" because at that moment it was true.

As a woman of this sign, I am most vibrant when I am in love. I am drawn to the passion, adventure and excitement of romance. I radiate happiness and energy, but love is not just passion-but a challenge. I am the perfect playmate as long as I find the game worth playing. I like controlling things-don't get out of order or off the track. I am not one to make the best of a bad bargain. If I terribly unhappy, I won't compromise or try to work it out-I'll just walk out. Money makes me comfortable-you know I've got to take those trips and decorate the house and pretty wonderful myself. I've probably had a number of early sex experiences-the kind that begin quickly in exotic settings like a speeding train or on a beach. To me, life means moving forward into the future. Each new man is a learning experience to me. I'm surprised if my old lovers resent me, they usually stay friendly with me. Once I find the right man, I'm pretty damn loyal. I have a great sense of humor and my man has to want to have fun. I want sex to be very truthful, impulsive, romantic and genuine. I can get a bit kinky with the sex.

Men and women of this sign do a lot of talking. Yes, we are great conversationalists, but remember, there is a fine line in taking an interest in our interests and prying. Don't overstep that boundary. We are very wary of anyone trying to corner us. When we get to know you, we'll share a lot of stuff. Please don't ever infringe on our freedom. Enjoy being with us but don't think you've signed a lifelong contract because people of this sign won't feel that obligated-anything could happen. And, if it doesn't work out, don't look back with regret because we won't.

We are also very good drivers and enjoy driving. We can find our way anywhere-without a GPS system. If you can't stand the truth, don't ask us.

What sign am I?


I'm usually a favorite of every hostess. I like people. I have exquisite taste and I'm loaded with witty remarks. I have great manners and I can keep a party moving in more ways than one. I am extremely intellectual and very perceptive. I think very quickly-better than any other sign. I relate well to people. We make great actors. We can't stick to life altering decisions because we are too open to change. Often we have to be forced to complete projects before going to the next thing because we get bored and want to do something else. People of my sign are very magnetic. We are very restless. We don't like to get into any groups where there are rules because we simply love to change. We don't want to be tied down to anything. We love drama, intrigue and confusion. People have a difficult time keeping up with our state of mind because of our beliefs and views. We have a tremendous amount of energy thinking. Often we even play mind games on ourselves and often with other people, too. We are usually far from boring company. My sign is unpredictable. I am a great communicator and have an incredible knack for turning my dreams in realities. I am a fantastic promoter of myself and those I believe in and care about. I am mind-smith, a fabulous negotiator and a natural manipulator. There are seldom enough opportunities to keep me content. I thrive on spontaneous fun. I have a genuine and contagious form of enthusiasm and I can usually open the same doors that get slammed shut in other people's faces. I can charm my way into any off limits area.

I'm not s good at learning to secure my emotional desires and needs. I have an abundance of creative ability and a flair for originality. I am too sarcastic and bite you like an angry dog. I need to take time to rest, I often push myself to the edge. With my sign it's "Now you see it-now you don't." I'm like a flashing light. I blend-then I separate. I can change anything-very quickly. I'll make you crazy. I'll get bored half way though on you and you'll be very frustrated. I can't even read a book straight through-gotta skip around in it.

I'm good at work at a radio station, public relations firm, a publishing house, telephone answering service, an auto showroom or an advertising agency. You'll get exhausted following me round and I have a lot of nervous energy. I can't stand conservative stick-in- the-mud people who can't make up their minds on particular issues. At least I know where I stand-at least for the moment.

I talk fast and I listen fast. I'm generally taller than the average people and have small, sharp features. I'll have beautiful eyes, brown, gray, green, hazel-and they'll be crystal clear. I have alert and quick moving eyes. I have an immediate, sympathetic friendliness. My nose is likely to be too long and straight-or dainty. My complexion is probably pale.

Don't challenge me on a battle of wits because I can talk myself in and out of situations with the greatest ease. I think fast on my feet (or in any other position).

I can convince you to do anything. One way or another I can triumph with words. The smooth talking salesman is me. My imagination knows no boundaries. My talents are multiple, I have brilliant humor, tact, diplomacy and adroitness, yet I lack persistence and patience. I throw away the precious old too quickly for the untried new-then live to regret the instant disposal. My restless mind can too easily overlook the bluebird of happiness.

Being in love gives a person a warm sense of security. There is always comfort in knowing someone will be there when you need them-that you no longer walk alone. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Well, get real and if that guy is of my sign, if you send me out on Monday for a loaf of bread-don't look for me until you see me coming-and that may be Thursday. Don't hang on my coattails when I want to leave. It'll work out with us if you handle it that way.

I can say I love you in a hundred different ways-like no one else in the world could do. Flowers, perfume, a record, some books-maybe even a book I wrote myself. The hours will fly by and you'll be loving me. The next day, I'll probably break a date with you for no good reason. You'll be all mixed up. A week later I'll reappear, making some sarcastic remarks. I'll be moody, impatient and irritable. I'll criticize your shoes, lipstick and your literary taste. If you survive that, in a few days we'll be out visiting the art gallery, theater, library, and the opera. I'll have you absolutely hypnotized by my knowledge. I'll be very, very tender with you and then I'll propose. You'll forget about all that thunder I caused-and the rain. And-you'll say "yes" to me. And-do it before I change my mind.

If you are an incurable romantic seeking perfect harmony, you are in danger. Remember that I will not remain tomorrow what I am today and I will have no lasting memory of yesterday. But you must remember the element of chance and if you are a gambler, you may very well hit the jackpot with me and find a glorious mental and emotional compatibility to celebrate on our golden wedding anniversary. But all good gamblers know the odds before they place their bet. Jut be sure you do.

Some good tips in snagging me is to keep things cool and light and don't rebel against my changeability. Be fun and exciting. Be alert and interested in life. I am not possessive and I am not jealous. I'm a realist and I thrive on mental challenge. I do not want a doormat or a dull mouse. Let your brain show through your feminine image.

As a woman of this sign, one of me equals several women. You should delve in, do the algebra and sort it out. Until I mature, romance is only a game for me. So, consider my age. I can be fickle and unpredictable to an incredible degree. First I'll be carried away by your smile or your voice or even the way you walk. Then I'll go in and reverse my ecstasy and criticize everything about you.-down to your socks and haircut. And, I'll use such sharp and clever sarcasm, that you'll need iodine for your wounds. But, we're not always so mean and heartless. Relax-there is some good stuff.

I've got great imagination and can create fantasies! Want your own private fantasy, sweetheart? We're great at romance and we can be anything or anybody-sometimes all at once. I need your pity-not your anger because its really difficult for me to commit myself to one person at a time. It really is a shame for me. Sometime I think there is another person in me-making me do all the bad things that you don't like. I cannot understand it for the life of me! And, I'm so smart if I can't figure it out-it has to be a gigantic problem. I'd love to behave as you'd like me to. I hate to burden you with this-I've tried to keep it to myself.

Darling, I'm just such a complex character. But, at least I am a lively and gay companion. I'm up-swing and I sparkle. I have a vivacious personality and I'm clever and intelligent. I can speak on any subject under the sun. And, I'm delightful! All that ought win some points and account for something.

Being a woman of this sign, I really and truly want to be in love. I want motherhood-but it all often eludes me. I find a different perfection in each man I meet. Seems as if I'm always restlessly searching for a man with all the qualities I need for happiness. I can be a great pal and I'll go along with you on almost anything from scuba diving to throwing horseshoes. I can always manage to look soft and feminine.

My mind is as sharp as a whip. I can flatter a helpless trapped male out of his mind and his bankbook. (I met him while I was acting giddy at a party-don't forget I'm an actor). I flutter my eyelashes very well. I'm not at all helpless at earning my own living. I can support myself. I'll switch personalities on you in a minute.

But, sweetheart, once you propose to me and if I accept (I say the word "if" a lot), you can pity all those men who are doomed to a life of monogamy with just one woman. You're the winner-you have several-remember? As long as you don't demand consistency from me, I'll be fascinating-I'll keep it happening for you, baby. Just get through it when I get a little moody, flighty or flippant. Okay? Can you simply run beside me and toss dreams with me-from here to tomorrow? I'll write you a poem for your birthday.

I'll never take the train when I can fly and I'll never keep silent when I can speak.

What sign am I?